The Rose of Jericho, the Resurrection Plant, grows in the Judean Desert, in the Land of the Bible.

Anastatica Hierochuntica is the only Rose of Jericho that truly grows in the holy land and is the only one to have indeed been blessed by Mary, mother of Jesus.

The fern Selaginella grows in Mexico. At present the country is home to many women named "Mary",
but Jesus' mother most certainly was never there.

The Rose of Jericho is a desert plant that found a way of surviving in the desert, similar to the Star of Blessing. Both close up over their seeds in times of drought.

The Star of Blessing, like the Rose of Jericho, flowers in the spring, after the sparse desert rains, and in April both plants begin to dry up. But then, the next winter, following the rains, the Star of Blessing and the Rose of Jericho are saturated by the water and they open to disterbute their seeds and to let the next generation of plants begin to grow.

Both flowers will open and close for 20 years.

Sensing water they will open, and once the rain stops they will close.

Mary, mother of Jesus, was awed by the plant that opens in water, and blessed it.

Since then, any family that has the Rose of Jericho in its home will be blessed.

The Star of Blessing is used for decorative purposes. I attach the Star of Blessing to stones from the desert and to jars filled with colored sand, and of course to beautiful pendants, and whenever water is poured on one of them – it opens up wide and looks like a star.

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Bethlehem Star

Star of Bethlehem Aluminum pendant with a Star of blessing in its center.


A pebble picked in a canyon in the Judaen-Desert, with a Star on top which will open in water.

Rose of Jericho L

The plant of resurrection, the only one which comes from the Judaen-Desert, with the Christiantradition. Durchmesser der Rose in der grösse ist 20 cm so lang sie geschlossen ist.

Stars on Vase

The glass Vase is filled with sand in different colors, and on top is a bunch of Srars which will open in water