The Resurrection Plant

The Asteriscus hierochunticus is one of many resurrection plants that grow in the dessert.

Oded calls it in its nickname The Midget Star pinned to a pendant it makes a nice jewel.

During the rainy season, the green plant flowers in colours of amber and yellow.

When it dries up the flower’s petals close on its seeds to protect them from plant eaters and the harsh weather.

When the flower comes in touch with water it would open and once dry again it would automatically close, hence earning its name as a resurrection plant.

The resurrection flower is pinned to pendants which come in many shapes and designs.

There can be years passing between floods in the desert and the flower bud is keeping the seeds safe until a significant rain encourages the dry bud to open again and release more seeds. When there’s a heavy rain or a flood in the desert the flower would open up having been sufficiently wet. it would then spread its seeds a few at a time, close back and wait for the next flood. 

In addition to pendants, when putting the resurrection flower into vials with colourful sand it becomes a nice ornament. 

The Resurrection Plant

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