Religious Cross - Christian Jewellery

The religious cross is the most identified Christian symbol. However, there are many religious cross designs and shapes.
Each group in Christianity adopted its own religious cross, all representing
Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

Oded is offering many designs of Christian Jewellery and crosses with the resurrection flower attached, perfect for a holiday gift or a birthday present.

The Celtic cross is one of the oldest Christian symbols. The Celtic cross is the classic Latin cross with a circle around the cross between the vertical and the horizontal lines. As opposed to the Greek orthodox where both lines are equal, the Celtic and Latin crosses have a longer horizontal line.

Oded’s Christian Jewellery portray a variety of crosses. These Christian Jewelleries are decorated with the resurrection flower would open for the touch of a few drops of water. once dry again an hour later, the capsule would close itself again.

In addition to being a nice Christian Jewellery, these pendants are unique, decorative and prove to be a wonderful present for a dear friend or a loved one.  

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