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Like most of the interesting stories in life, this one also begins with an occasional situation, a crossing of two or more streams of life of me.

I; Oded Hamm, I am a tour-guide in Israel. In 1987 started a new branch of tourism as I began offering “Jeep-Tours” to the deserts in Israel. Concentrating on the plants and animals in the desert, and human life through History in the desert, I collected some knowledge about the tricks every one of the named above developed to survive under those hard conditions.

One day, as I am visiting Frankfurt in Germany, I recognize a shop selling:

“The Rose of Jericho”. Right away I make my way to take a closer look at that shop, because, as a desert expert – It must be something I am familiar with. Allas No!

The item they sell is nothing I know.

I read the document attached to this item, tells a story, about Mary, mother of Jesus, who was fascinated by the plant and blessed it with love and amazement.

The only problem is, that the item they sell with the name of: rose-of-Jericho, grows in Mexico, and not in the Land of the Bible. In other words – it is a fraud!

     Today, no doubt – many women named Mary live in Mexico, but, Mary, mother of Jesus – never visited Mexico, and this is absolutely certain. America, including Mexico was discovered 1500 later than Mary completed her activity in our world.

So, we were left with the fraud, and everything I tried to use in order to fight the Fern, was answered with the words: “ there is nothing we can do”….

Saleginella Lepydophilla is the name of the Fern

Anastatica Hierochuntica is the only Rose of Jericho which really grows in the Land of the Bible.

I grow them, and though most of the people buy the Fern, I do not give up. Meantime I also grow a second desert-plant, the Asteriscus Pygmeum, which had a small yellow flower while blooming, and as is finishes growing, the flower turns to a small capsule, brown and dry, keeping her seeds inside. The dead mother will protect her baby seeds inside her, until it rains. When the amount of water will reach the need of the seeds to grow, this dry and dead mother will open up in order to distribute one percent of the seeds and let them have the chance to grow the next generation. When it is dry, she will close and wait with the rest of the seeds for as long as it takes to release the next group of seeds.

I have several Items using this dry flower produced. They are all fascinating.

After so many years guiding tourists cross this country – I am glad that for my old age, I have something else to do, so beautiful and exciting.

Please go into the web, enjoy the items, and order.

Oded Hamm