Rose of Jericho: tradition, review & handling

Botanical review

The Rose of Jericho is a desert plant, which grows in the Judean Desert below sea level. It has green leaves and flowers for one season in a rainy winter. In summer, she, the dead and dry “Mother” plant, closes over her seeds, protecting and sheltering them from birds and insects.

Once every few years a flood will come during the rainy season, and she will then open up, spread her arms, and distribute 1% of the seeds for the next generation to grow.

She will continue doing so for 20 years.

Christian tradition

A Christian traditional tale has a story where Mary, Mother of Jesus, in her escape from Judea to Egypt, was introduced to this plant. She was fascinated by the plant’s behaviour and blessed it. Therefore, a Christian home who has the resurrection plant the Rose of Jericho will be blessed.

It is often gifted as a present for Christmas, for a new born baby, for Easter and on other occasions.

Anastatica Hierochuntica – is the only real Rose of Jericho which really grows in the Land of the Bible.

Handling the Rose of Jericho

Put the dry resurrection plant in a bowl of water, so it is fully covered by the water and wait for 4 hours. The resurrection plant will resurrect and open up.

Leave it in water for two days, then take it out, let it dry naturally and close again. Do not leave it in water for too long. It is a desert plant not a water lily. 

Enjoy the plant.

I grow the Rose of Jericho in a farm in the Judean desert in Israel.

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