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The legend of the Rose of Jericho

The legend tells the tale of how when the Lord Jesus Christ went into the desert for 40 days to pray,God sent the Spirits of the Four Winds to blow a seemingly lifeless tumble weed called the Rose of Jericho to his feet. This sacred Rose of Jericho followed Christ during his days within the desert. During the dawn the Rose of Jericho would collect the moisture from the night’s dew.  Each morning Jesus would put his fingers to the Rose of Jericho and collect the little water it had and quench his thirst from the drops of water from the branches of the plant.  After the 40 days with in the desert, Jesus blessed the plant as a magical talisman of resurrection and sustaining life through hardship.


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My Name is Oded Hamm, a tour-guide in Israel.In 1987 I started a new form of tourism as I began offering “Jeep-Tours” to the deserts of Israel.My main focus has always been the history of humanity in the desert and the indigenous plants and wildlife.In my years of roaming the desert I have come across the wonders of nature, its adaptivity to the harsh conditions and learned some of nature’s tricks for survival.

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